Tuesday, December 05, 2006

downsizing ::: give-away™

a view of
our new
from the alley
last night.

the view from
the bedroom
of our

still boxes.
still messy
but we are
closer every day
to being settled.

spot likes it.
there are lots
of high ledges
for her to perch on
and stare down
at us meowing.

the apartment
is a lot
so i am in
a serious
so you will
start to see
a lot
on my monday
{sometimes tuesday}
i am determined
to really, truly
and then follow
my brother's
old method-
every time you
buy something
you must
get rid of something
of equal space value.
can i do it?
very tough for
a collector
at heart...
i need a big,
old, house.

speaking of old...
although i
love love love
to finally have
my own
washer and dryer...
i know for certain
that i prefer
old buildings...
there's a lot
of great things
about this new place
{a patio!}
but it has
no charm
no soul.
it's gonna take
all i can
to give it
some soul.

more later
but for now...
here's the one
for today...

a 1950s
vintage lustroware
cake carrier.

{taken by melissa}
great if you
take cakes
to parties.

i love it
but i promised grub
that if i didn't use it
since the last move
i would
get rid of it.
i don't make
cake enough...
how sad is that!?

to check
the guidelines
please pay

more tomorrow...
trying to
on all your blogs!


Anonymous said...

i'm going to email you about this straight away!

Erin Lang Norris said...

i have pondered the thought of getting rid of something every time i buy something new...

perhaps it will be my new years resolution!

bikeandbeer said...

i am very good at getting rid of stuff... i have 2 large bags of stuff to take to the village -- i see it as "giving back"... particularly now that you got me hooked on thrifting... ;-) i will help by reminding you every time you get something!!!

shari said...

hi gwen!
so glad to hear you are getting settled. i think i will join you on the downsizing. i vowed to get rid of something every time i bought something new but then i found myself slacking off. starting today...i'm in!
xoxo shari

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if anyone can give a neglected patio soul it is you... happy nest making.
cheers, g
(I could never come to parting with one thing for every new thing to come into the house... I'm a pack rat through and through, a hoarder until the end. That said, I like the concept.)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your new home Gwen...and im afraid i have the same problem - a souless apt...but you will do a great job in transforming :)

lisa solomon said...

omg - your apt. will have soul... YOU AND GRUB and SPOT are in it.... plus all your beautiful things.....

i love the peek - can't wait to see more!!

Anonymous said...

the loft-like feel is cool!! love the light coming in through those big windows!
I´m also in downsizing mood or need!!
and it is really tough for a collector ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I love your big windows and that gorgeous red chair! Oohh...fantastic giveaways. I would prefer an old Victorian or Georgian house to modern flats/houses anytime.

Beta said...

Ack, I didn't realize your moving day was so soon. It came and went before I knew it. I hope you had enough help. Can't wait to see the new place :) And I'm jealous of that patio without even seeing it. Is that the Ellington in the background?

Anonymous said...

your place looks amazing!
I know what you mean about the lack of character tho', my last place was a loft, it took a while before it started to feel like home.

I have a feeling your loft will come together quickly, your last place was so inviting and full of color :)

can't wait to see more pics!

Anonymous said...

I have lived in a few "no soul" apartments and my remedy is to throw a few parties! Creating some fun memories always make it more homey. But really, what everyone says is true - if anyone can create some soul, its you!

Anonymous said...

good for you. I really need to follow some sort of clutter control rule-it is so hard. I know that you can do it! Um-I hope that I have the right address for a little package I am mailing you????I will email you to see wha tis up...

Eero said...

I am getting rid of stuff, too. My new house is filling up all too fast....well, it's just the studio, really. The only solution I can see it to build shelves on every available wall surface. Hah! Next summer....
Glad you're back online.

Carson said...

The new apartment looks great! When can I move in? Nice big windows.
You'll give it some soul don't you worry.
Your downsizing giveaway brought a wry smile.
Ever since the Goat and I shacked up it's been a constant refrain of "You made me throw that away"! I am the Compulsive Downsizer while Goat is the Sentimental Hoarder. (how much of Grandmas's tupperware do you need exactly ? ;)
You can imagine the scenes.

Kerstin Svendsen said...

good luck with settling in gwen! could you tell me your new address? please!
that photo with the sleeping guest in your old place looks SO cozy. i am sure you will beautify, cozify, soulify your new place.

f. pea said...

I can't wait to come and visit and bask in all the newly-infused soul. Glad you're posting again - clearly we all missed you!

Anonymous said...

hey, you made the move! the new place looks fab from the pictures! looks like there is lovely light, the spirit is going to come from inhabitants pretty soon :) i love downsizing, too, at least i try :) happy unpacking to you!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the move is going so well... I'm sure your new home will be totally, absolutely and completely charming by the time you've finished unpacking.

Anonymous said...

I love all the light you are getting at this new place. Love the wood floors too. I dream of those....someday... Are you changing your mailing address? I need it :)

Anonymous said...

i to, love a nice old cozy place that has charm...yet i am moving to a subdivision that isnt even completed yet. thankfully it is a rent, and one day i will own an old house also. for now, i will live in the house that looks like every other on my street.