Wednesday, November 22, 2006

if it's tuesday...

why do i feel
friday tired?

must be
the holidays

trying to
clean house
for parties
the impending
less than
2 weeks away.

many trips
the post office.
so much
to mail.
so much
to move.

all i want
to do is
sit home
{it's cold out}
and listen
to the radio.

how about you?
ready to

speaking of
is a 1960s
radio/alarm clock:

start your own
to check
the guidelines
please pay

more tomorrow.
i have
to go
i sleep.



Eero said...

Tired---YES! Hibernation---YES! It's winter, it's cold (-18F!) and I want to drink wine, watch movies and cuddle up with Frommage and Floofer until spring....

Where are you moving to?

Funky Finds said...

i want to hibernate, but it's hard to when it's nearly 80 degrees out! thank you global warming ;)

lisa solomon said...

are your woods lovely, dark and deep?
and do you have promises to keep?

love the polaroid!!

and yes... not enough sleep. maybe i should save your package until you move???

good luck w/ that sweet bug!

Carson said...

Oh yeah..the "friday tired" feeling.
And the idea of curling up with some knitting, the radio and hibernating is heaven. Even though it's opposite weather here, I'd still hibernate.
Can't wait to see your vessel choice!

Anonymous said...

oh hibernating..i was ready a while ago!!! And definitley tired..."yawn"...
Love your polaroid...theres something about the empty space with the little boxes full of silent treasures..:)

Anonymous said...

I wish to hibernate too... my arms are covered in a thick layer of sunscreen and my brain feels a little fried and fuzzy with or without the hot, hot weather. Listening to the radio and not doing what is before me is all I want to do right now.
Good luck with the pre move clean up & pack up.
take care, grache

Heather Moore said...

I love your charming blog, found via Needle's Edge, who always seems to have the best readers!Anyway, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I'm so ready to have nothing to do!

good luck with all your busy bee-ness! I'm sending high energy vibes to keep you going :)

I wish you were moving back to seattle, Then we could hang!

p.s. cool radio!

Anonymous said...

i'm right with you about being tired and it's not even friday...they come so slowly these days. absolutely pretty much me what you wrote about, only that i don't have to move, thank god! not so cold but grey and rainy here. sending you good vibes,energy and sunshine to the heart for the moving occasion.

Anonymous said...

Hibernation? Knitting? Warm? Yes please! I am sitting here with a scarf and hat on, indoors ;) You sound so busy - I will send you good vibes on getting everything you want to done!

Anonymous said...

i am not traveling this weekend except to spend some time with lisa friday and diana fayt on sunday. and i couldn't be happier. i don't even have thanksgiving plans. i am going to rent some movies and HIBERNATE. i wish you could join me.