Wednesday, November 15, 2006

collection collective: softies

some little girls
love dolls.
and then there
are those
who really
prefer stuffed
{aka softies}...

i loved to act out
with strawberry shortcakes
in my sister's
doll house,
my heart was really
with my stuffed animals.

i took them
lined them up
on my bed
and directed
them to do things
{i was quite bossy
i hear}
them like
my dear friends.
i particularly
loved penguins
so i had a whole
of penguins
a few bears,
and an

eventually this
evolved into
my deciding
i wanted
to be a zoo vet.
so my dad
helped me
set up
the medical center
for people & pets

on our porch.
i would operate
on the animals
they got
holes or needed
new stuffing.
my dad gave me
old lab equipment
so my operating room
could look
{glass jars
with cotton
or tongue depressors,
hyperdermic needles
{with needles removed}
lots of bottles
my dad filled
water dyed

those animals
are now
in a blue trunk
in my parents
basement storage
to be taken out
again for
my nephew.

none of
my childhood
but my love
for them
was true.
the blogger world
has introduced me
to the joys
of softies
and over
the past year
my collection
has grown
through swaps
and purchases.
so i thought
i'd share
with you...

my collection collective:
handmade softies
from many of my
blogger artists:

{for softie
artist info
go here}

these softies
many corners of my home

and here too.

see more collections


Kerstin Svendsen said...

gwen, i am loving your nostalgic posts (being a sentimental "woman in love with the past" as well). i can very much relate to your stuffed animal post (though i was never that scientific about mine) and about your xmas tree post. (my dad celebrated on the 25th and my mom on the 24th and we've always done the 24th evening celebration with a very swedish tree.)
your dad was so sweet helping you with your vet clinic.
oh and as for all the terrible manufacuring stuff. i know i don't know the half of it. isn't it terrible how everything is "antibacterial" now too though? from pillows to soap. it's so depressing.

hannah said...

i have a strong memory that i think you would like gwen. i remember playing on the porch one summer day and thinking to myself, maybe today when dad comes home he will have a surprise for me. a few hours later my dad drove down the driveway, parked and called me over to the car. he said "i have something to show you" and opened the trunk to reveal a stuffed blue dolphin about the size of my four year old self. i loved that thing until almost every last one of the styrofoam pellets came out years later. the power of positive thinking i say.

shari said...

hi gwen,
i love your softies collection. i have a few myself: a robot and a penguin from wendy, an owl from gracia and louise, two birds from paula and a pig from tracy. i love them. :)

when i was little i had tons of stuffed animals too and played school with them. i also wanted to be a zoo vet or a zoologist. my mom ordered those animal cards seen on tv and i pretended to be a scientist. i think that's why i know so many random animal facts now.

xoxo shari

Anonymous said...

i had a hush puppy (a mini one of course) that was more precious than any of my cabbage patch kids. i was constantly cuting holes in him and sewing him up. i would pretend that he had been in dog fights and then would take him to the "hospital". i hope this doesn't mean i am going to be a bad mother someday!
i am envious of you camilla creation. thanks for bringing back some good memories.
btw-your xmas post made me cry!

lisa solomon said...

i LOVE how your dad did that....

and all your adorable softies... hmmm.... i have an idea... [but it will have to wait for a spell]


Anonymous said...

love this story, how cool that your dad helped you with making your dreamworld reality!
and i love your collection :-)

Carson said...

My fav: the 1st photo.
I love the tonal sympatico of Moomintroll, phone and kidney dish.

Anonymous said...

the sweetest softies, the sweetest post :)

Anonymous said...

Those softies... so wonderful... and quite the army!
Thanks also for reminding me of Raspberry Tart with Rhubarb Monkey, amongst others.
take care, grache

Anonymous said...

oh your collection is wonderful!! Theres nothing like handmade softies!! And your Dad is a great Dad!!

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT collection of Softies you have!

jessica said...

what a great collection you have, and your story is wonderful. a beautiful, cherished memory you have.

f. pea said...

wow, i am so honored to be part of a collection collective today. hooray for softies! my favorite part of the story about your dad is how he put the colored water into jars. also how official the clinic name sounded. i can picture it all quite clearly!

stephanie said...

so honored to be in your collection and i just love this post!

i, too, was obsessed with stuffed animals as a child. my best friend and i even threw an elaborate wedding for our bears.