Wednesday, October 11, 2006

bringing back the whom

my last few days
of my trip
i was back in
san francisco...
friday were
of my trip
i met up
with an old friend
for dinner
i spent
the day with lisa s.
and had dinner
with both lisas
and even got
to meet
(adore her)
and nathalie
(tells super
funny stories).

lisa s. and i
had plans
for a lot
of photo-taking
but it was
a cloudy
gray day
and i think
that we both
were still
a little shy.
i am certainly
camera shy
i am horribly
some day
i will show you
to show
you exactly
what i mean.

(vintage skirt
i decorated
with felt birds
while on vacation)

i think
the quilts of gee's bend
inspired me
to start quilting...

many of the quilts
were very bright
and complicated
but we both
fell in love
with loretta
beautiful minimal
lisa was impressed
by her
amazing sense of
and i was drawn
to her choice of color
and quilting pattern.
i am so glad i got
a chance to see them
and going with lisa
made it so much
more fun...

i only had
a very little
amount of time
with shash,
she's the kind of
gal you
instantly adore.
who couldn't adore
a girl who
her cat
pinky leon?
i wish that
we could
have chatted

over dinner
that night
before i left
san francisco

the lisas, grub
and i
were talking
and how
you learn your
own language better
when you learn
a second language...
not sure how
it came up
i told them about
how i grew up
with my mother,
a non-native
english speaker,
always correcting
my grammer...
she was particularly
insistent that
i used the word
("who" turns into "whom"
after prepositions)...
so we all mused about
how no one
uses "whom" anymore...
and lisa c. suggested
that we
should start
a movement,
"bringing back the whom"
i like the idea.
a grammer
why the hell not?!

(laundromat in sf
where i felted purses)

so i am a bit
out of sorts
since my return.
it's like coming
home after
a long trip
to a messy house.
although my physical
house is not messy,
my mental "house"
is a pig sty...

i have so many
thank yous
for lovely packages
and notes...
i haven't forgotten
all you lovely people
and will make sure
to post photos
and thank yous
this week
as i am returning
to real life again...

what a better way
to return back
to blog life
the collection collective!

it's cooling down
here in DC
and although
i may not have
coats as cool
as alicia and lisa
i will share
my vintage coats
and more stories

(where we stayed
at sea ranch)

good to be back-
missed you all.
i'll be stopping
by your blogs
and catching up
this week.


lisa solomon said...

welcome back home.... i hate getting back into routine after a trip....

i loved my time with you... wished it was longer... and next time we will not be as camera shy....

whom whom whom [i'm trying to practice]

kylie said...

Glad to hear that you enjoyed your time away and i look forward to hearing more about your adventures

Anonymous said...

to whom it may concern.....HEY, i missed you!!!!!!!! But saw what youve been up to via the lisas!!!!!!! Sounds like a great time and welcome home.
i still havent finished your package...:( i will though soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Welcome back! Your trip looked like a lot of fun. Northern California is so beautiful and hanging out with a sweetheart, great people and golden friends is the very best. Brings a warm feeling to the soul and heart.
Take care. Maryland is so lovely this time of the year.

. said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had bucketloads of fun fun fun!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the word 'whom' and even though I am no native american it was in my system long before I moved here...must have been in the music ;) looking forward to see more of your trip, saw you ate Indian food! my favorite!!

shari said...

hi gwen!
welcome home. you've been missed but it looks like you had an amazing time on your trip with the whole blogging crew.

love the idea of bringing back the whom. :)

sea ranch looks beautiful.

hope you are well and enjoying your fall so far. xo shari

Anonymous said...

BRING BACK THE WHOM!! ha! welcome home {can I say that since i am not there?} anyhow, i truly want to kidnap you and grub both. and transplant you down the street. hugs.

KatDee said...

It was so fantastic to see you. I think it's wonderful how much we have in common after all these years.

I hope we get the chance to see each other again very soon.

PS I love how you felted bags at the laundromat on your trip. That's the coolest thing I've heard all week.


glad to hear that you are back on line


Eero said...

You were on vacation and still made and felted purses plural? You are one whom I can admire. Welcome back to the blogosphere.

Rebecca said...

Welcome back! I read your blog frequently, but comment rarely. I did want to say that I missed your posts and lovely photos, and am looking forward to seeing your coat collection and more posts soon.

I will gladly join the grammar movement! I'm a bit of a grammar and punctuation dork.

Kerstin Svendsen said...

hey gwen, lovely photos you're posting. glad you had a nice trip. i wish i could have spent more time with you too! you are clearly one big sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! i missed your thoughtful posts and lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

Hello Gwen!
Welcome home ;)
It sounded like your trip was wonderful and that you had great company to show you around town!

I'm glad your back, I have missed my daily dose of Bug news!

Wishing you good energy for getting back in your groove and enjoy the cooler weather!


Carson said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere, we missed you.
A lovely post, particularly about the whom.

Anonymous said...

i remember our mother once sent me a suprise valentine card, and inside she wrote, "guess from whom".
it wasnt too hard to guess.
welcome back.

your bro