Thursday, September 07, 2006

welcome home

can i just say
that you all
are wonderful?!
you are.
all you
lovely commenters
and all you
lovely quiet people
who maybe
feel shy about
[i do]...
i swear,
when i am
done with
this stupid exam
i am going
to send you
all postcards.
your comments,
make me
so happy.
please know that...
and i will try
to visit
all of your blogs
and email you
when i have
more time.
just know
that these
little daily
we make
truely cherished.

can i also
i am nosey
people's homes?!
i love love love
to see how
their homes
that's why
corners of my home
flickr group
is so darned
i can peek
into people's
homes and
see their
cool stuff...

in the effort
to satisfy
nosey people
like me,
i am trying
to take
a step back
give you
an idea
about my
the place
i call home.

i will have
to move
[long story]
so this
is my little
of my home
circa 2006.

i live in
a historic building
in DC...
it's classic
art deco
and built in
the early 30s
before the
it was only
half built
the depression
so in the 80s
they finished
the "new" wing
to the old plans.
but inside
the new wing
is super swanky.
i live in
the historic
with all
the cool
art deco fixtures.

one of
the reasons
these apartments
are so cool
they look out
on rock creek park
[nice for spot]...
they are
spacious and
full of light
i so love how
when it
cools down
you can open
the windows
at night
i can
fall asleep to
tree frogs,
tree crickets
[in the middle
of the city!!!].

can have
a big impact
on decor.
there is
a huge range
of decorating
you can have
a partner
that just
doesn't care
and you have
complete control,
and then
there are
the partners
that don't agree
with you
so you end
up with
a compromise
that often
doesn't please
either person
[my parents]...
if you are lucky
you both
have complimentry
that meld
and make
you can also
go sans partner
and have full rule-
which is
wonderful too.

i think grub
and i
work well
i would be
far more
and cluttery
on my own
[which isn't
a bad thing
but i think
grub does
a good...
to my decorating
when i would
just be
over the top
modern showroom.
but i am
responsible for
color schemes
[i am a schemer]
and i find
most of
the furniture
swedish sofa,
vintage chairs,
and buy
a lot
of the art

i was
out of the apt
at 7am
this morning
these photos
are the
early bird view
of my apt
from the breakfast
to get notes
about the stuff
in the photos
go here
for being
with me...
and don't be
a stranger...
come by
for tea
a cocktail

see more
lovely home


Anonymous said...

Lovely. Looks so the pillows on the sofa.

Anonymous said...

Oh i'm so glad i could come over for a visit!you have a great apartment and such an amazing collection of things. (i think i recognize the danish coffee set as something i grew up with-most go ask my parents where it is!!!) you & grub do a fine job of decorating-i like that you bring your over flow to your office. and i love seeing the moomins!it's always wonderful to find others who love them too- some folks just don't understand the wonderful world of moomins.... for some reason i hadn't been able to get in to your comments for a few days, so want to send out good wishes to you now for your upcoming change to dr. bugheart.good luck!

Eero said...

I loved your place: spacious and clean and stylish. My house is a mess. Urgh. Gonna spend part of the day fixing that...
Think I'll do a Corners blog....
after I clean.

Tracy said...

satisfied my nose-iness! thanks for the tour. it is such a lovely space. and loved what you said about partner decorating approaches!

Tracykins said...

Oh, I miss knitting on the couch! Finish studying soon!

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous building! I love all the charm of the old buildings, particularly the hardwood floors and built-ins like the cabinet.

Best of luck on the exam!

62cherry said...

we live in a deco house,but they have done some bad 70's reno's (kitchen). The bathroom is original pink and black :)which we love.
I wish we owned our place 'cause we would do some wicked stuff to it.
I sooo love reading about your little world, and your appartment is 10/10 :)

Austen said...

i didn't know i was feeling nosey till i got a peak at those corners...they're great. i love early-morning-homes, so quiet and peaceful...and that cabinet with your glassware in it? fantastic. one of these days i'll share a corner (first, i think i'd better chase the dust bunnies out of it though). good luck with the studying!

Anonymous said...

hi gwen,

just wanted to let you know that i got the skirt in the mail the other day. thank you so much, it's lovely! i will be sending you something in the mail very soon.

m i a

Anonymous said...

your house is stunning. as you may see if you see mine, we have similar tastes in just about everything. you sure you don't want to leave your BF and hook up with me?

lisa solomon said...

i would never be a stranger... wow... you have a really really picturesque place my dear!!

sigh.... i owe you an email too....

Anonymous said...

I love your place! ryan and I sound similar to the tastes that you and grub have. i would be all tchotchke-sentral with bright bursts of color overload everywhere if he wasn't a huge fan of white walls and one item per room only (aside, of course, from his computer paraphanalia)

Anonymous said...

My friend actually lived in the same building. I loooove the details. Our old apartment had them when we lived on conn avenue near van ness station. Now living in Mt.P, not so much. The basement makes me miss having a layout 1. that makes sense 2. that has lots of windows.
Your decoration is just amazing- I'm so jealous!
BTW, I'm getting together a few of my friends(mostly bunny owners) at rock creek park next sunday- you should seriously stop by and say hello, I'm dying to meet you! If your up for it, email me and I'll let you know time/exact local.

Carson said...

I've coveted a fibreglass Eames rocker in true 60s orange for ages..along with a Bertoia "Bird" lounge & ottoman in dark crimson wool
for about..oh i don't know
What am i rambling on about?
Just that i dig your aesthetic.
I'll be sure to add a corner of my own just as soon as I can.

Anonymous said...

i WISH i could pop over for tea - Gwen, i LOVE your posts and your wonderful nature, your collections and your style!!!
There is nothing like old buildings with their character!
I hate our place but we are looking to move and we are an example of the first couple where my hub has NO taste and i get to make most of the decisions ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh i wish i could come round for a cup of tea or a cocktail! I love your style. And yes, i'm a nosey person too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen! I just got the super fantastic mod skort and wanted to say THANKS! Look for a postcard soon! Debbie

charlotte said...

I am both nosey and a lurker and have come back a couple of times to look at your uplifting shots. What a beautiful maison you've made.

sp8cemunky said...

me too! me too! I always want to pop in to peoples homes in my neighborhood which is full of rowhomes to see how different the same buildings are inside.

I didn't know about that flickr group...I need to check it out.

The are a around Rock Creek Parkway is gorgeous. I hope when you move you get to get near something as refreshing.

I'm new to your blog so I'll be getting to know you.

eireann said...

ooh ah, that red chair is so pretty.

makes me wish for a more permanent place.

Kerstin Svendsen said...

your place is beautiful! i'm sorry you're moving... unless you're happy about the move/moving someplace even cooler. i hope so. wow.

Anonymous said...

Your apartment is beautiful! I love the designs, colours and history.

When you are done with your exam come out to LB and we can go "open house" hunting! That's the best way to be nosey and see how other people live. We can make snide comments like, "this floor has just got to go" & "is this the only closet?"


Anonymous said...

I'm coming by for tea... your little nest is beautiful! Thanks for the little peek... so wonderful.
take care, grache

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being so generous and having everyone over. Your place looks fantastic and I loved your description of the tree frogs at night.
Cheers, louise

Anonymous said...

I think you must live in the same apartments as my cousin used to. I visited her there a few years ago. The apartment building receptionist had an honest to God switchboard. Wow. Super cool place - sorry you have to move but hope it will be a good switch.