Friday, September 01, 2006


(turn and face
the strain)...

it's september
a month
big changes.
the month
i take
my exam
phd candidacy...
a big milestone
in my career.

i'll fly across
the country
to spend
2 weeks
in california...
and get
to meet
that i
drive around
wine country
to the cd
made me...

but for now
i have to focus
and study
and prepare.
22 days to go.

strange fascination,
fascinating me
changes are taking
the pace
i'm going through..

life is strange
you feel
so damned
like you
never change...

and then
whammo bammo

you are
but you were
all along.

time may change me
but I can't trace time.


62cherry said...

you are just beautiful, so expressive. I love reading your posts and looking at your ace pictures.
All the best with your study and exams

Anonymous said...

Love your banner, love David Bowie, your photos are amazing...bon chance!

gray la gran said...

this is a very beautiful posting ... but i have to ask ... how do you feel about cockroaches? i love insects, but roaches ..... ICK !

gray la gran said...

ernesto passed here today too ... it was the best day of summer thus far ... windy, blustery, cool, cloudy, rainy ... i loved every minute of it.

sooz said...

GOOD LUCK! I have been thinking of you often as I know you are beavering away. The photos are just lovely too.

hannah said...

oh yes. whammo bammo, yes! i will be thinking about you all month, seems like there are many people surmounting many hills right now. good luck friend!

lisa solomon said...

ah mr. bowie....

i love what you say about whammo but it's been happing all along....

you are going to ace your test dr.gwen....


Anonymous said...

Oh you are so right, and with beautiful pictures too!!
I think September is a month for changes..its our new year at the end of Sept - frest starts, new things in life..
You are so lucky getting to meet lovely blogging friends! xx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. Good luck on your changes. Come and say hi if you find yourself in Southern California.

shari said...

september...i feel the change already. i like how lisa called you dr. gwen! i know you are looking forward to having it all behind you. the road is calling! love the moth and cloud photos. xo shari

Austen said...

great post and great of luck with the studying and the big test-of-tests! ~a

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, its so true that the "whammo" of change can come out of nowhere. Good luck with your exams. I just sent you a little package that should reach you soon!

Anonymous said...

i can't wait for your visit!

Anonymous said...

you are the sweetest cutest person ever! i love your love of bugs.

Anonymous said...

beautiful post...i like bowie too! Very Best on your exams!