Monday, April 10, 2006

great monday give-away™

i have trouble getting
rid of things.
i easily get attached.
i am not sure
exactly where it comes from…
my mother isn't a collector.
my brothers don’t own much.
they seem to have an easy time
giving things away.
their philosophy is
that it all comes back
to you eventually.
i visit thrift stores
so frequently that
it would not be surprising
if things literally
do come back to me!

even though
i have moved from
the south to the north
and then from
the west to the east
i still have a ton
of things,
particularly clothes.
since i have been
wearing vintage clothes
for most of my adult life,
they are never in or out
of style.

the great monday give-away™
will be the incentive
that i need
to pass my finds on
to you great people
out in the blogger world.
i hope that you find
it fun too.

so let’s go!
here is just the beginning
of my spring/summer
closet sort.
i ashamed to say
it really is
just the beginning.

please read the
great monday give-away™
guidelines here before claiming items.
remember to email me
your address!

the great monday give-away™

1. vintage scooter jumpsuit

ultra cute scooter shorts and tank combo
a lanz original.
turquoise and yellow
feels like
a linen/cotton/poly mix.
it’s a bit tight on me
so if you wear a modern 4
it should fit you.
i bought this style
because i was bicycling
all the time
and thought it was
perfect for biking around
on your vintage schwin
(then it was stolen).

2. talla top taken! mailed.

talla is a great
california design co.
¾ sleeve tee
with super cute neckline
and pony design.
love it but
it's not my color.
i knew this when
i bought it.
but it was on sale,
so i tried to deny that
i really look dreadful
in olive green.
it’s size medium.

3. Lorch of Dallas jackie-o dress

totally jackie o.
pink linen blend
with great buttons.
fits me,
so about a 6 or 8
modern size.

4. vintage jantzen tennis skirt taken!

~28-30 inch waist.
jantzen was a great
sportswear designer
of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.
tennis skort.
bright orange-red.
also great for
bicycling around town.

5. woven pink dress

no label.
probably 60s.
light woven fabric but
not sure what blend.
big on top for me,
so better for a B/C bust.

6. retro green plaid capris taken! mailed.

old navy
size 6.

7. vintage mirror taken! mailed.

can be used as tray
or hung on the wall
(has a hanger on back)
9 ½ x 7 inches.

hope these items find a good home.

it's late so
i will post my weekend
craft projects tomorrow.
have a great rest-of-the-day!


Jenn said...

I got my sweater today! Thank you! I'm working up a postcard idea for you! And I love the pin - what a great touch!

Anonymous said...

OK little tiny bugheart, this mama ain't fittin into any of your clothes. Cute though. Maybe Bea in a few years? Ha.

I need to have the Great Monday Giveaway for fabric. Yes, I have just about decided to do this.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have the mirror tray! This is such a wonderful idea! How fun are you. :)

Jenna said...

Hmmm, I really like that top with the pony but I'm not sure if a medium can do it for me. Let me know your assesment, and I might be willing to take it...

Anonymous said...

I got my purses in the mail yesterday and I LOVE THEM!! Seriously, they are perfect and so stinkin' cute. And thank you for giving me that cuter than cute pin. I love the great monday give away!

bugheart said...

it may be a little tight
but in a cute way.
are you going to s-n-b thursday?
i could bring it.

bikeandbeer said...

since today's give-away was not posted yet.... i have a late claim, if you think they'll fit me -- the plaid capris? i love those! i have been working on the postcards for the other items... you will get them soon!