Monday, April 17, 2006

anniversary & give-away™

i had a nice sunday

breakfast with rebecca:

and then
looking for caterpillars
in trees
for the rest of the day:

before i start with
the give-away,
i just wanted to note...

today is
a very special day
for me-
it’s grub and my
8 year anniversary.
yep, 8 years.
it is hard to believe!
i am not sure
why i have been
blessed with
such a wonderful partner...
i am a bad catholic
use to
drink the altar wine
eat the communion bread
on the sly
in the sacristy
when i was an altar server.
i must have done
pretty amazing
to deserve
someone like grub.
grub is very private
so no photos…
but here is
a little drawing
of the two of us
to celebrate:

welcome again to…
the great monday give-away™

a quick side note...
i put the "™" after
the give-away name
as a joke.
feel free
to do the same
on your blog.
let me know so
i can plug your

please read the
great monday give-away™
guidelines here before claiming items.

1. vintage wrap dress taken!

this is a great wrap dress
from the 1950s by
one of my favorite designers
of the time, swirl.
i know that some of
my clothes are small
so this week i tried to
offer some items
that more people can wear.
this dress has
a great deal of
flexibility of size.
it's a wrap dres
so it only has one button
at the top
in the back.
you dictate the size
by how tight
you tie the sash.
the top is ~b or c.
the waist is
from 31-35, i think.
it has a circle skirt
so can accommodate
most hip sizes.
it is made from
a beautiful light cotton
with a charming pleated
front and pockets.
i love the pattern
of this dress.
it is the perfect 50s
housewife dress,
so you can wear it
with a little feminist irony.

2. vintage shell skirt taken!

vested gentress
is also one of my favorite
designers of the 50s and 60s.
the clothes are all made out
of silk screened fabric
(like marimekkko)
with great bold patterns.
this is a wrap skirt in yellow.
it wraps and ties on the side
with a bow.
it can accommodate
a waist size from 32-34
(may be a bit tighter or looser)
depending on where on your waist
you where your skirts.
these fetch a decent price
at vintage stores
so please only claim it
if you actually want it-
not to sell it.

3. vintage jewelry box taken!

good condition
although a little worn
on the outside,
it is clean with
lots of room inside.
a classic jewelry box.
note:it does not come
with my jewelry!

4. vintage divided glass dish

vintage glassware from
my favorite glassware company
of the 30s - 50s-
it’s white glass
about 11.5 inches
from end to end
and in perfect condition.
great for party foods.

5. vintage beads taken!

these beads come from a big jar
of buttons that
i bought at a vintage store.
the pointy ones are
made out of ivory or bone.
i don’t make jewelry
but i think
they would be fun to use
in jewelry.
the teeth-like pieces
have holes.

hope you find something you like…
please pass on the word about
the great monday give-away™
if something you receive
does not fit
or you do not like it
please pass it on to someone else.
please do not sell the items
i give to you for free.
i look forward to your postcards.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

I would LOVE the wrap dress, but I live an awfully long way away so you might want to think about it. I'll email you :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just recently came across your blog. I love the idea of a weekly give away! I would like to put my claim on the jewelry box, but I am in Canada, is that okay? I will send you an email with my address and you can decide. Happy anniversary!

slippingthroughtheworld said...

hello bugheart! have just come upon you in my daily search for interesting blogs. i love the idea of the postcards. i am all the way across the pond in the uk, but would love the beads, to make something for my new flat in glasgow. will pay shipping gladly; i love stuff with stories attached. i'm a new blogger, come visit me at runaway granny. i just love blogging! have a great day. i'll keep poping in.


I love the beads.

f. pea said...

big love to you and grub. you are an inspiring pair!

sooz said...

Hi Gwen,
Adore the beads (though I see a few others are already claiming them) and the skirt - though I confess I would not be wearing it but using the fabric for other creative endeavors. If you are happy for the skirt to be cut up you can send it to me and I will return not just a postcard, but also a little friend made from some of the proceeds. Your call.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary - eight years is definitely significant. I love your little drawing.

That skirt looks quite tempting to me. I've been wanting a wrap skirt so I can see if I can figure out how to make one. 34 inches might just do it... But Sooz likes the fabric for crafts so if you decide to send it to her, no prob.

Yes, I am working my way up to a Great Monday giveaway for fabric -- just trying to figure out how I want to do it.

Anonymous said...

i'm a newbie but i'd love to put dibs on the beautiful skirt. i love love love it. emailing you now! not sure where you live so if it's outside the states let me know and i don't mind sending postage.

bugheart said...

i must say you
are one observant guy!
i noticed that later...
i scaned it off of my notes
from seminar yesterday
that happened to be
on hybrid sterility
of mice.
you don't miss a thing!

Tracykins said...

Oooohhh, competition is getting fierce for these give-aways! But I wanna know how you keep getting to have breakfast with Rebecca. She's mine, I tell you - mine!

Jenna said...

Eight years, that's a long time. Congrats on making it work!

I'll drop you an email about the top from last week, it totally fell off my radar. Maybe I could actually make it to SnB one of these weeks...

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! 8 years, awesome!