Tuesday, March 07, 2006

clever bever

here is the runner-up photo
for day 6.

here is the one i decided upon
for my daily photo.
i had trouble deciding on the photo i liked best.
i decided upon the second one
because the butterflies and moths
appear to be almost flying in the box.
all there wings are on different planes
(due to bad pinning jobs).
which one do you like best?

i was a busy little beaver
this weekend
(heh. i just like saying that).
my mom always calls me a clever bever
i think it's a derivation of clever beaver-
i am not sure where she came up with it
but it’s damn cute.
she also calls me federwisch
(german for feather duster)
on account of my hair…
but i digress…

so this weekend
i did get a chance to work
on some prizes-
both prizes are
very belated birthday presents.
here’s a peek:

to be friends with me
means to have a running
tab of belated birthday
presents that are
in the works
the bugheart productions
the only
bugheart birthday presents
that are on time are ones
that are exactly a year late.
but that’s the way it is
when you are friends with

i hate the Oscars.
i can’t watch them because
they piss me off so much.
but even i was elated
that brokeback mountain’s
Ang Lee
received best director.
baby steps for the mass media.
but they
disappointed me
by not giving dolly
the oscar for best song.
dolly deserves some recognition.
i have adored her
since maai and i
use to put her songs
on high speed
on our fisher price record player
and pretend our cabbage patch dolls
were performing the song.

mine was actually
a fake cabbage patch.
my mother did not agree with
paying that kind of money
whopping amounts of money for a fad.
so i hade a fake cabbage patch
( i tried to forge ole xavier’s name on the butt).
i also had fake guess jeans
(with that sneaky little palmetto triangle on the back),
fake keds
( i painted a blue rectangle on the back
that only set me up for more teasing).
it’s no wonder
i am obsessed with fake meat .


MikaJ said...

curious beaver!
how did the volvo do?

Beta said...

I've noticed you changed the background color. Any particular reason?
I'm loving your 30 days of photos. It even inspired me to start bringing my camera with me to work. You never know what you'll see on a walk up 14th street at the end of the day.

f. pea said...

i think i'm wearing those fake guess jeans right now! i love the runner-up picture the best. both look like they are flying, but the runner-up looks kind of like they are stuck in a lepidopteran traffic jam.